iSpy Project -
Project Summary: Curricular focus is community with an emphasis on culture and geography Incorporates higher level thinking and integrates technology Targets students in kindergarten to grade 3 Five week project that begins on October 8, 2012

Coffeechug and his 4th and 5th grade students are working on a global project starting in January of 2013. The focus will be on bald eagles and perhaps eagles and raptors in general depending on how many classes sign up. This is our very own project and we are excited to try something of our own on a massive scale like this.

Along the way my students will be doing various projects throughout the year to prepare for a bald eagle conference that we are going to host in our school. We will be streaming the event live on the internet. We are also in the process of trying to raise quail and have our own quail camera to share our experiment with the world.

A few online organizations that provide good quality projects and forums for teachers to connect are

1. - website provides projects aligned with standards, very thorough and detailed. What I like best about this site is the Teacher Forum where you can post what you are looking for and also find other options available. I find this aspect most useful.

2. - another great organization with projects already created. I have not personally used this site as there is a fee involved, but I have talked with others who have used the site and were pleased.

3. The Global Classroom Project - an online global projects community dedicated to enabling teachers and students to connect, share, learn and collaborate worldwide. Members are encouraged to join existing, or build their own projects. Check the 2012-13 Wiki for details on our latest projects.

Early Childhood (K-2)
__Global Learning with 5 and 6 year olds__ (via @tashacowdy, Japan)
__KinderPals - Kindergarten around the World__ - (via @miss_doig) Connecting a Western Australian class with the world through quad blogging and the 100 Word Challenge.
__Tech for a Global Early Childhood Education__ - resource site to create global learning experience

__SkypePlay__ - connecting K (and gr 1,2 classes) face to face, playful connections, a __#Kinderchat Play Project__

Additional Sites to Explore for Projects



Social Studies / History

__Social and Cultural Values__