This page is dedicated to a project that somewhat emerged from my first presentation. I had the opportunity from an amazing teacher to showcase what a classroom looks like from the Philippines. In return, I had my son who is in 2nd grade take a camera to his classroom to show the students what a classroom looks like here in Iowa, USA.

From there I thought it would be awesome for schools from all over the world to make a video of what a day looks like in their school. Here is the start. If you would like to join please let me know at

I hope the videos will increase here on the page and from there we can begin to discuss what trends we see and what we can learn from one another to make all of us better global citizens.

If you have any ideas that you think would help drive this project to being even more beneficial to students and teachers please let me know! If this continues to grow like it has in the just the last 48 hours, then I will be dividing up schools by grade level pages to help organization. Let me know how we take all these videos and transform it into positive dialogue in our classrooms.

In the meantime, connect with me(I am working on a database of connections for all classes that join), make a video, make a Google Earth Tour of your area, set up a possible Skype, we could exchange a package of things to explore your area, etc. The possibilities are endless. We can make this as powerful as we want.

Google Earth - KMZ File of School Locations

View Global Classrooms in a larger map

Bettendorf, Iowa, USA - 2nd grade classroom

Part 1

Part 2

Lorma International, Philippines - 1st grade

Florence Freshman Center, Florence, Alabama

Typical Week In Their School

Illustrating teaching strategies that benefit both native speaking and English language learners:

Hawea Flat School, Camp Hill Road, near Otago, New Zealand